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Who We Are

A Company Built With Passion

Established in 2010, CertCore is a software house that attracts passionate and dedicated specialists and treats all its customers equally, regardless of the amount of work they bring.

Open communication, honesty, straightforwardness and transparency lie at the top of our priority list in all of our partnerships. We strongly encourage a proactive attitude and regular, constructive bidirectional feedback.


To exceed the expectations of all of our stakeholders with the flexible yet effective system we have put in place, with the quality of our deliverables and of the work environment we created, as well as with the care and respect with which we treat them all.

Our Skills

Perl Development 25%
ASP.Net Development 25%
C/C++ Development 25%
PHP Development 15%
iOS Development 10%

Flexibility and Transparency

The engagement models you can opt for while working with CertCore are fixed price, time and materials and extended (dedicated) near-shore or offshore teams. These teams would be completely and perfectly integrated into yours and fully adjusted to your processes and tools. By swiftly adjusting to your needs we end up fully integrating our developers with your teams in the shortest time possible and surprising you with the quality of our deliveries and the seamless communication and reporting processes.

By understanding and respecting the core values of our clients and adopting their procedures and tools we ensure smooth and rapid team integration and results that often exceed expectations. Openness and frankness about all the operational and software development issues have been contributing greatly to building trust with our customers and brought us significant competitive advantages.

Modern Infrastructure

We rely in our endeavors on a robust and modern IT infrastructure which includes the Schneider electrical installation, Cisco and HP network equipment, HP servers, APC NetBotz rack management and HP notebooks and monitors. The multiple gigabit BGP optic fiber Internet connection from several providers (redundant and active-passive), 100kVA UPS with 2 hour autonomy and a generator with 24 hour autonomy contribute greatly to the quality of our deliverables.

Promising only as much as we can deliver is a key element of our business model. We also give honest feedback to all of our stakeholders to avoid dead ends or solutions we consider inefficient and thus help them achieve their business or personal objectives.
All our decisions, activities and relationships rest on long term goals. Choosing a short term gain at the expense of organic, steady growth is never an option at CertCore. Our business is here to stay and attract the respect of customers, partners and employees alike.
By carefully selecting passionate and dedicated specialists we pave the way for successful long term relationships with our stakeholders. Top quality can only come if we are all fully committed to and greatly enjoy what we do. To us work is fun and brings large smiles on our faces every day, just like our result do for our clients.
Finding the ideal combination between right and left sided “brains” to keep our team creative within clearly defined rules is no easy fit. In leaders we look for predominantly left-sided brains, while in subordinates we strive to attract and keep in the company a healthy combination of the two types. This approach enables us to find creative and efficient solutions to the issues raised by our customers.
Clients and employees alike are provided access to all the information that concerns them. This proactive attitude helps us built trust and encourages open and constructive discussions, leading to successful projects and happy employees.

Meet the Team

Sorin Pop


Being an accomplished software developer proved too little for Sorin, who decided to develop his own enterprise on the solid technical and business expertise acquired in over 10 years spent in other IT companies. As a CEO, Sorin learned what it takes to run a business and quickly became an accomplished and respected manager.

Istvan Gal

Project Manager

One of Sorin’s closest collaborators prior to Certcore’s birth, Istvan has been helping him for a long time on challenging projects, working his way up to the Project Manager position. Istvan’s acquired technical and managerial skills combined with his inborn traits make him an ideal leader for Certcore.

Daniela Cadis

Team Lead

An accomplished IT specialist and polyglot, with many certification in Java and Microsoft technologies, Daniela has been focusing on software solutions for the health care sector lately. Her impressive skill set recommended Daniela for a Team Lead position at Certcore, in which she has been achieving excellent results.

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