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Software Outsourcing

CertCore is your perfect choice for nearshore or offshore software outsourcing. Companies from Europe and the USA found in us a reliable long term partner for software development and software testing.


Custom Software

Let the brightest Romanian software developers and testers transform your vision in a really effective custom software solution! Our developers and testers who master most of the latest technologies.


Software QA and Testing

Regardless of the type of software or hardware system you wish to make “bug proof”, CertCore’s highly qualified software testers and Quality Assurance specialists will see to it that it performs according to your specifications.


Software Security

To ensure the all-round security of an application, one must assess, test and oversee quite a number of layers. This is what Certcore’s engineers have been doing for a long time and with excellent results.


Incredibly Flexible

Regardless of your requirements and processes, we will do our best to meet and adopt them all.

On Time and Budget

Delivering quality solutions on time and within budget is easier said then done. With CertCore you get them all.

Ultra Responsive

Not only our applications are ultra-responsive, but also our team, which reacts fast any time change is required.

Music to Your Ears

The quality of our work and dedication of our people never cease to impress our customers.

Only passionate and dedicated specialists are invited to join CertCore and their efforts help both us and our customers thrive.
Over-promising is the one thing we avoid more than anything else. We never mislead our customers into believing we can meet their requirements, no matter how much we want their business. Providing all our stakeholders with honest and timely feedback helps us avoid dead ends or inefficient solutions.
At CertCore you will get not only the creative minds that identify the most unexpected and efficient solutions to your problems but also the procedural approach that helps us keep projects on track, meet tight requirements and deadlines.

Clients that believe in us..

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