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Software Security.

Security Audits

At you will get software security audits, penetration testing (Pentest) and vulnerability assessment tailored to your precise needs.

Penetration Testing

The scope of Certcore’s penetration testing can range from individual external system testing to enterprise wide external and internal reviews.

Source Code Analysis

Apparently minor code errors can cause a cascade of issues, some of them introducing important security vulnerabilities.

Healing Hacked Websites

To avoid getting your Website and maybe even email server blocked by IP Reputation Investigation authorities you need expert support.

IT Consultancy for Critical Security Components

Any vulnerability embedded in your software makes the high-level protection of your IT infrastructure ineffective.

The security of the IT system keeps the project’s staff on guard like no other issue. Security breaches can damage corporate brands and lead to regulatory violations and other catastrophic security infringements. Any failure of the security system can prove costly and time-consuming and threaten the continuity of the enterprise’s business.

To ensure the all-round security of an application, one must assess, test and oversee quite a number of layers. This is what Certcore’s experienced and passionate consultants have been doing for a long time and with excellent results.

Everything from general audits and security reviews to source code security analysis, penetration test services and repairing hacked websites is a fair game of our determined consultants and engineers.

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At you will get security audits, penetration testing (Pentest), vulnerability assessment and software audit services tailored to your precise needs. Our IT security audit services cover analysis and detailed system reviews, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s security infrastructure, both internally and externally.

Physical, Computer Systems and Network Security are performed thoroughly and documented by detailed analysis on key criteria. An industry-specific system analysis, conducted according to the standards established for your industry, is advisable, since it offers the most in-depth examinations possible of your organization’s technology systems.

The list of audits you can choose from at Certcore also includes Back-up and Disaster Recovery Audits, which assess the policies, procedures and plans your organization can rely on when faced with major business interruptions or catastrophes.

Finally, anti-virus and anti-spyware assessments identify external threats and propose plans for keeping your company safe.

Your Main Benefit:

This approach means that clients get valuable knowledge from the CertCore consultants and thus get better equipped to deal with future issues.

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The scope of Certcore’s penetration testing can range from individual external system testing to enterprise wide external and internal reviews. After an initial fact finding and project scoping exercise done by CertCore’s project lead consultant together with the client, a team of highly skilled consultants with the required skill sets is assembled for the engagement.

Armed with detailed knowledge of widespread attack methods and vulnerabilities, we prepared our own in-house tools and established effective testing methodologies. We can simulate the skill level of the potential attacker, ranging from script kiddie to informed and highly skilled insider. This approach offers a far more realistic attack simulation than that offered by running a commercial vulnerability analysis tool.

While the automated tool approach used by some security consultancies has the benefit of being cost effective to run, it is aimed at the masses and can usually generate only long and largely irrelevant reports. This method is unlikely to point the consultant towards the vulnerabilities representing the greatest threat to a client.

As you can see in the following image more than 75% of the vulnerabilities are in the web application rather than the software used on the server
software design.

In addition to the standard system and application technical tests, CertCore can perform social engineering attacks and simulate competitive intelligence gathering on request.

For each potential target, we perform penetration tests to check for the presence of the most widespread types of vulnerabilities, such as session management flows, injections and business logic flows. Not all the identified vulnerabilities can pose serious threats to the system. This is why we review each vulnerability and thoroughly analyze its potential impact.

For each high-risk issue we perform a vulnerability exploitation attempt to get deeper into the problem. Upon test completion we deliver to the client a report that details the attack methods we used and an analysis of our findings. The report also includes an assessment of the risk level posed by the identified vulnerabilities and recommendations on how to rectify them.

Finally, the CertCore team presents a summary of the findings to your company’s management and technical groups involved in security, highlighting the relevant issues.

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Apparently minor code errors can cause a cascade of issues, some of them introducing important security vulnerabilities. The sequences of errors that always occur during development will sometimes go undetected during testing, leaving IT systems defenseless against malicious attacks.

To make an application as secure as possible during development one should consider all the input data harmful and minimize the area the attacker can exploit, apply the block or deny default access control policy and achieve security via several independent protection methods.

Source Code Security Review

To create a secure application CertCore analyzes all the possible sources of information leakage. Simulating hacker attacks through Black-box testing at run-time usually provide precise and actionable vulnerability detection for Web applications.

The steps we take in Source Code Analysis include:

  • Application logic examination and analysis, made to identify potentially vulnerable places.
  • Source code analysis, performed to identify vulnerabilities in the application’s source code.
  • Risk assessment, carried out to evaluate the damage causing potential of every identified vulnerability.
  • Fixing vulnerabilities, having as result either patches ready to be applied or recommendations on how to eliminate the vulnerabilities.
  • Preparing a detailed report.

If we find vulnerabilities during the test we inform our customers immediately and provide recommendation on how to solve the problem prior to putting together the full report.

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To avoid getting your Website and maybe even email server blocked by IP Reputation Investigation authorities you need expert support. One hour on the Blacklist may lose you not only some site visitors but also the entire reputation built with sweat and money.

If the worst happens you must act immediately by yourselves or/and with the help of a provider like CertCore.

When choosing a service provider for this task you should remember that malware detection and removal from a hacked website is only the tip of the iceberg. This step would only get your site out of the Blacklist once, leaving it vulnerable to new attacks. A one time cleanup buys you a bit of time, which you can then use to tackle the real problem.

This is where CertCore steps in, by identifying and dealing with the vulnerabilities exploited during the crippling attack. To discover them we rely both on source code analysis and remote penetration testing. The attacker might have installed backdoors on your machine to facilitate access to it in the future and thus not need any breaches to take control of your system at will.

If your website got hacked we recommend the following steps:

  1. Backup all the data, database and log files of the hacked website. They are necessary for future recovery in case of unsuccessful cleanup and useful for future investigation.
  2. Close your hacked website with a 503 error saying that your site will be available soon. This will prevent your website from being added to the list of harmful sites by the search engines.
  3. You may want to check your PC for malwares, as it may be infected by some malware which may steal your passwords and data stored on it.
  4. Fix your hacked website or contact us to do it for you. Please be aware that if your application has security vulnerabilities than just fixing it won’t eliminate the problem. When this happens you must discover and fix all your Web application’s vulnerabilities before turning it on.
  5. After fixing the hacked website change all passwords used for administration (admin panel, FTP, database, email.. )

Rely on CertCore for everything you cannot handle with in-house resources.

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