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Business Data Analysis Website.

Project Description

Financial software for Business Data Analysis

This website was developed to provide business data analysis, ratings, rankings and forecasts covering around 200 countries and over 20 industry sectors. Macroeconomic, industry and financial market analyses are available in formats that emphasize the links between apparently disparate pieces of information, helping decision makers make the best choices swiftly. To achieve the goals for this project, specialists from CertCore implemented data access modules and modules containing the shopping cart logic, implemented tools for the administration platform, which include multiple functions such as user rights and privileges management, email notifications for subscription and creation of graph content. The CertCore engineers developed and rewrote functionality, investigated and sorted out issues related to important features of the application, fixed bugs and implemented new requirements. They also tested changes, checked if previous use cases worked properly and made the solution scalable by twiddling with HAProxy and MySQL Proxy.

The technologies used for this solution include Perl, HTML, CSS, Jquery scripting, Catalyst Framework, Bootstrap 3, jQuery, MySQL, HAProxy (custom), Linux, Ubuntu.

Project Details

  • Date July 21, 2015
  • Tags Financial
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