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Hospital Information System.

Project Description

Software for Hospital Information Management (HIS)

This is a Hospital Information System (HIS) that focuses on the administrational needs of hospitals from Switzerland and Germany. It is an upgrade of an old application and includes a rich assortment of modules and integrated systems designed to manage all the issues and areas of the hospital’s operation such as as administrative, medical, legal and financial.

At the heart of this HIS lie the Patient Management module, used to store patient data, keep it out of reach from prying eyes and deliver it only to the authorized users of the system and the patients themselves. Ensuring the shared access to the system prevents unauthorized access took considerable effort in both design and implementation because of the high number of modules and differences in requirements among hospitals.

The HIS we have been working on enable health care professionals to provide high quality services by putting at their fingertips patient health information where and when it is needed.

Listed next are some of the features we have been designing and implementing: hospital operations, official document, personal data and financial report management, patient invoice management, utility and stock control, security of patient information, including patient medical history, lab test results and prescriptions. Handwriting errors, personnel scheduling conflicts, overstock, tax preparations errors and many other types of human lapses have been accounted for in the analysis and design stages of the project.

This HIS is a desktop application for Windows for Windows that can also run using web services with hospital data stored in Sybase and GUI settings stored in MsSQL.

The technologies used for this project include Microsoft C#, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Sybase, Janus Framework, Microsoft WCF, Active Reports.

Project Details

  • Date July 21, 2015
  • Tags Health Care
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