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Warehouse Management Software.

Project Description

software for warehouse management
This ample project is a complex distributed Web application that has been implemented by our people in partnership with other teams for one of the most important UK based players in the fashion industry. The solution serves 6 warehouses spread over the world, is linked with the customer’s eCommerce site and controls equipment from major providers like Dematic. The equipment it coordinates includes cranes and other transport systems for warehouses, as well as various types robots (e.g. for packing, labeling, etc.). A team of over 40 people has been working on this solution to implement route optimization, speed management for the transport systems and cranes, the order in which items are picked from shelves, the wrapping queue, the selection of sorting station, the airway bill handling and many others. Everything except manual sorting and wrapping is controlled by the software to which CertCore people have contributed.

The technologies used for the project included Perl, C, PostgreSQL, ActiveMQ and Linux.

Project Details

  • Date July 21, 2015
  • Tags Retail
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