SSL Secure Websites Curb Credit Card Fraud

Want to Keep the Personal Information Gathered on Your Website Secure?

If you take personal information on your website through forms or process credit card payments, protecting this sensitive data is crucial. Something as simple as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, a cryptographic protocol which encrypts the inputs of your site visitors, makes it impossible for a third party to intercept the data. SSL combines with the traditional HTTP protocol to form HTTPS, a safe way of sending data between computers. Any site that is protected says ‘https’ before the URL in the address bar.

Is SSL Mandatory for You?

The answer to this question is not always straightforward. If you process credit card information directly on your website without relying on third party systems like PayPal, you will definitely have to fight against hackers and cyber attacks by encrypting your customer’s credit card information using SSL. Sites that are SSL certified reveal only the last four digits of their customers’ credit card numbers when confirming orders but send the entire credit card numbers to the appropriate credit card services provider when processing the orders.

Since SSL certificates not only encrypt data but also verify the data is sent to the correct server, your site visitors will also know they deal directly with your website and their data does not get intercepted by other computers.

Under other circumstances the decision depends on how sensitive the information you get from your site visitors is and on the guarantees you offer on personal data protection.

Can CertCore Help Me Setup an SSL Secure Website?

CertCore is an authority in developing websites that are foolproof to cyber-attacks. The Software Security section of our website provides detailed information on our comprehensive set of security services. We setup SSL Secure websites regularly and with excellent results, as you can easily notice from the image below, which shows the score our SSL secure website got from, one of the most popular ssl testing tools available. Other tools you can use to put our expertise to the test are (checks if the site has a weak SHA-1 certificate) and

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